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10 Reasons You Should Attend Active Nation Day 2018

10 Reasons You Should Attend Active Nation Day 2018
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10 Reasons You Should Attend Active Nation Day 2018

(...we know what past attendees are thinking - 

as if you needed that many!)

But let's jump right in to WHY you'll want to be at AND - especially if you haven't been to STL's favorite annual active event in the past! 

1. FOMO.

No one wants to be the person sitting one out. Get your free ticket online and make sure you tell your workout-buddy too. Real friends don't let their friends have #FOMO. 

2. It's a FREE event! 

Hosted by yours truly, the event is filled with four different workouts and an entire MNB Marketplace. Really.
Our local instructors and vendors have come together under the MoveNourishBelieve philosophy to motivate all you Sporty Sisters & Brothers at AND - no cost to you. We simply want to create a fun-filled morning of exercise and inspiration for anyone 13 and up!

3. There's Something for Everyone at AND 

We all know that feeling of agreeing to something when at the last minute, find ourselves thinking, "what have I gotten myself into?
We got you.
AND has purposely scheduled 4 different workouts so it's 100% up to you!
Here's the scoop:
Starting at 8 AM is Bootcamp with Travis Brown from OTF Ladue.
Shake it and sweat with StephZ at 9 AM.
10 AM is a TRUly Down'n Dirty Bootcamp with Amy Lescher from Trufusion.
And bringing it home at 11 AM is Kim Wallis with our favorite mat pilates!
... all uniquely challenging and designed to get you MOVING, NOURISHING, & BELIEVING!
And if you're feeling like Amy there - you can just come and enjoy the marketplace, or pick one of the workouts to participate in!

4. To learn more about all of the LOCAL hot-spots you miss when you're living life! 

Think of it as ...a mini vacation.
We get it. You run a busy life and unfortunately, finding the best local spots for healthy food options, trying out different workouts and discovering gyms and hot spots are not on the top of your priority list.
So - we've brought as many as them as we could all together in one place. We encourage you to come and meet the people in your community that live to help others become their healthiest version!


5. Raffle Prizes and Giveaways

We like to think if you put it out into the Universe - good things happen.
We also like to WIN! *Psst* - like that time a few months ago when Ladue New's named us the 2018 Platinum List winner and we were all like...
(...Kidding - sort of), but who doesn't like to hear their name called?!
We hope you're one of the winners that day for the various raffles / giveaways that will be going on throughout the MNB Markeplace.


6. You'll be surrounded by a community of inspiring and motivated people!

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or real life footage of attendee’s at Active Nation Day? You’ll never know if you don’t come.

7. It's at Creve Couer Park this year!

The water, the people, the pets, the trails - what is there to not love about Creve Couer Park?
Being the the largest park in St. Louis County parks system, it was the perfect location for AND 2018!
Set to the backdrop of people out on the water paddleboarding or peddling the 3.8 mile trail around the lake, the energy is sure to be high and the weather is expecting to be 73 and sunny. 
Let's do it Active Nationer's!

8. Active Nation Day is World-Wide

Can you believe it?
Here's a fun fact: Active Nation Day is a movement that was created in 2012 by Dimvaloo's first activewear brand - Lorna Jane - to inspire women, their families, communities, cities and the world to live a more Active Life.
Since 2015 when Active Nation day was officially recognized on the Australian calendar - it's become a global movement that was celebrated in over 11 countries last year with over 300 events registered by individuals for their local communities to join.
Join the MOVEment with us!



OK... More like Swag and Coffee.

Same thing, right? We have guaranteed Swag Bag's for the first 50 people.

What's that saying? "Early RSVPer's get the worm.” Just kidding – If there's any left, we'll totally give you one. 

Plus Starbucks Coffee on-site (*cough* and water - for those crazy, non-coffee people - also kidding!) You're definitely going to need water refills in-between all the awesome workouts!


10A. Did We Say Dimvaloo is Hosting?


We don't want to brag, but we do bring the PARTY. We're so excited to bring this event every year to our community. 

10B. We'll really miss you if you don't come!

We're going to have so much FUN moving and mingling, we would like... REALLY be sad if you didn't come. Like Will Ferrell sad. 

Or sad like this puppy is sad. 


So come! We'll PERSONALLY all be at the front to greet you and get you started for what we're SURE will be one of your favorite events all year!



Now HURRY and Click Here to REGISTER before we run out of room!


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