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Join us for an intro to Aerial Silks at Dimvaloo

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Join us in store on Thursday, February 27, 2014 for an Aerial Silks workshop with Bumbershoots. Register online at

 Why do we here at Dimvaloo love Aeriel Silks? It is a fun and super effective way to get fit and flexible! this workout specifically targets strengthening your core and upper body as well as grace and control. Aerial Silks, we understand, sounds super intimidating but Bumbershoots does a fantastic job of making it approachable and possible for total beginners!


What is Aerial Arts?

  • Aerial Art is physical movement, often dance-like or acrobatic in nature, performed while suspended in the air. I have been teaching, performing, and exploring Aerial work for almost 12 years now. I started Bumbershoot in 2009 because I couldn't stop dreaming about it and I really wanted the place I was dreaming of to exist in St Louis. Bumbershoot has continued to grow and many amazing people have come along side me and helped Bumbershoot to become more of what I believe it was always meant to be. I have been blessed to see beauty and health come through Aerial Arts in countless ways but below are a few that are particularly dear to the heart of Bumbershoot. Physical outlet, Creative outlet, Therapeutic medium.

Read more about Aerial Arts at


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