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Active Living Project Day 3

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This is my first post for #ActiveLivingProjectDay3, so far Sophie has been your go to girl.

As I thought about what to write, I was bombarded with text messages for fundraising runs, cycling races, and clubs to join. Then it occurred to me, the active community I'm a part of has impacted my life in such a positive, active way.

I'm a social being. I want to be around people when I workout. I love building relationships that are centered around Active Living!

The community that I'm a part of keeps me healthy and active, if you're like me - try this!

Look for your active community, they could be in the form of:

Get involved! Spend the price of admission to get a calendar of free runs, swims and bike routes. THEN GO! Don't be afraid of something new. You don't have to know anyone when you start out, but make an effort to know someone when you leave. I've found active groups to be inviting, they welcome you with open arms, and love teaching from their experiences.

See you at the next club meeting! I'll be the one wearing Lorna Jane!

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  • Kourtney Thomas: February 03, 2014

    Don’t forget Happy’s Running Club!! :) ( and

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