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# Active Living Project Day 4 - No Excuses!

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Happy Snowpocolypse round two everyone! We understand that not all of you are going to brave the blizzard and make it to the gym, but that is no excuse! It is day 4 of our #ActiveLivingProject, almost a full business week of feeling fab!! We have put together a little, "No Gym, No Excuses Workout" for you to knock out before you cuddle up around the fire or lay in bed and watch NetFlix for 24 hours straight, as I will be doing.

So, here it is! Hit it hard and afterwards reward yourself with some guilt free hot chocolate! (<---click for link to recipe!)

                          • 2 x 25 Lunges
                          • 2 x 25 Sumo Squats
                          • 2 x 35 Mountain Climbers
                          • 2 x 15 Push Ups
                          • 2 x 35 Bicycle Crunches
                            • 2x 35 Sit-Ups
                              • 1:00 Knee Ups
                                • 1:00 Plank
            Repeat 3-4 Times!!! Lets go, excuses don't burn calories!!!


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