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My favorite picks from this Snowed In Sale - Tights Rendition

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I have these, of course I'd pick them!

Why I like them: the print! I can never decide between rolling up the bottoms or keeping them down.

How they fit: Mid rise, I'd do Yoga in them, CrossFit or Running - one thing to keep in mind is there is no draw string, so your waist is your waist


Why I like them:
I love the front print! If you can't tell, it's my personal preference. That aside, the waist band is a go to for me when it comes to running. I'm told it's not for cycling, but it doesn't move when I run. Plus the 3/4 length is rather refreshing!

How they fit:
Mid rise again, secure waist band!


Why I like them: You can't go wrong with an LJ Essentail, now these are again 3/4 in length and mid-rise. I'm in love with Navy as a color for tights. I've found Navy to be the best alternative to black. The color is dark enough not to show sweat in 90 degree heat, but a noticeable difference to your standard black.

How they fit: Amazing, if you don't have a Amy F/L, then you have probably dealt with sheerness, piling or holes in your current leggings! I have about 4 pairs and I still never seem have a pair clean to wear.


Why I like them: Come on, they are called the Amazing Tight! I'm partial to 7/8 length since I'm about 5'7, but I have these in grey. I love the details on this tight, sorry for the lack of imagery! Come in to the store! They have a blue lining at the top with an inspirational saying, and some gathering around the knee

How they fit: They run a bit smaller, I recommend going up a size! A lower rise, sits on the hips!

Why I like them: For the shapewear effect these three are a must! Core Stability is a unique feature of Lorna Jane. I've had it described to me as the Australia Spanx. Enough said!

How they fit:  They are a tight fit, most go up a size.


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