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Active Living Day 18- Treat yourself to a Good Morning (tomorrow)!

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"Treat yourself to a Good Morning"

No, I am not talking about food,  on the contrary, I am passing along words of wisdom.

This morning at the conclusion of a 6 AM Hot Yoga class (I willed myself out of bed for) we rolled our bodies from shavasana to a seated position. My (most) favorite teacher, Julie Funke, espoused to eager and now alert students 

"Think of the treat you have given yourself this morning by coming and enjoying the practice of yoga." 

 As I sat there pondering these words, the truth of them came to me like an electric charge coursing through my body. Recognizing the obvious positive contribution of my morning effort,  I left class this morning grinning ear to ear feeling the Treat I gave to my mind, body, and morning.   




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