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Stair Workout - Guest Blogger, Kelsey Stokes!

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SPRING IS UPON US!!!  (Well, we are all hoping..)  For me, the best thing about Spring is getting to outside in the fresh air!  My name is Kelsey Stokes and I am thrilled to guest blog for you!  I know quite a bit about athletic training, as I played NCAA Division I soccer at the University of Missouri and am also a NPC National Qualifier in the bikini division.  Even if you are not a competitive athlete, we can all train like one... And we all should!  I am a big believer in mixing it up between fast and slow paces, as well as stairs, sprints, and hills in all of my cardio workouts. We need to keep our bodies guessing so they will change AND we will not be bored with our workouts.
 I want to share with you one of my favorite stair/track workouts that is a huge calorie blaster!  This will jump start your body in the right direction and get some positive energy flowing.  Grab some friends or a pup to do this work out with you! Ideally find stairs that have 5-6 flights. You may need to go to a track or local stadium. 
Before your start the workout, be sure to warm up! I like to stretch at my house and then I run 1 mile to the location of the stadium stairs I use.
Hope you enjoy this weekend! Please feel free to follow my fitness journey on instagram @kelseystokesfit and on my facebook page, Kelsey Stokes Fit.
-Sprint Stairs (Ideally 5-6 flights)
-Jog back down
-20 squat jumps
-Sprint 50-100 meters
Repeat 4 x
-Stair Climb with Glute Kickback (see video)
-Jog back down -20 split squat jumps
-Side Shuffel up stairs (see video)
-Jog back down
Repeat 4 x
If you really feel like pushing yourself then add this bonus round:
-Sprint 50 meters
-10 burpees
-10 pushups
Repeat 4 x
Jog home


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