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You Saw It HERE First!

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I'm so excited to be a part of the St. Louis community. I couldn't be happier!

Being a new business is quite the experience, one that I wouldn't (well sometimes) trade for the world.

I want to invite you to stop by! (8813 Ladue Road, St. Louis, Missouri)

You're probably wondering what these flags in the photo are used for... If you know, all I ask is give credit where credit is due! Tell people it came from us :)

As a small business owner I want nothing more than to benefit the community I am a part of - so I have an idea.

 Come One, Come All Non Profit Organizations - Let's change it up a bit!

I love what you do for the community around us, including me (kidsmart at #winedownwednesdays).

How can I help you? The biggest impact I can have is through my business. As a business, I chalk it up to advertising and marketing. (Hey, it's my first year... I might as well be a non profit too.)

So lets work together to make the greatest impact in our community! Here's how:

1) Come into Dimvaloo

2) Pick up a Bucket-O-Flags

3) Use our Instructions (an infographic - to be made, are stick figures ok?)

4) Collect the Donation

5) Make the World a Better Place!



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