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Why Living An Active Life Means A Better YOU

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Living an active life shouldn’t be about how it makes you look on the outside,
it should be about how it makes you feel on the inside  

It is Dimvaloo's passion to ensure that women around the world can reap the benefits of an active life.  Fitness may mean different things to different people, but whatever exercise is to you, it has positive effects on your life and promotes Lorna Jane’s philosophy Move, Nourish, Believe

Here are 4 reasons why every woman should live an active life:

  1. We are preached it all the time but living an active life really does better your overall health!  Exercise betters your heart health; lowering your risk of heart attack and heart disease.Physical activity aids in keeping your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol at healthy levels reducing your risk of diabetes.Active living lowers your chance of mental health conditions, dementia, stroke and cancer.  High impact and low impact weight-bearing exercises keep bones strong, preventing osteoporosis. Exercise also gets your lymphatic system moving which helps rid your body of toxins, defend against infections and can even lower your risk of some types of cancer.
  2. Active living can do wonders for relieving stress.  It releases endorphins that make you feel good and creates a natural high.  Exercising can clear your mind of daily troubles and worries and leave you feeling revived.  As a form of meditation, it is no surprise that exercise improves your mood and helps fight against stress, depression, and anxiety creating a happier stress-free life for you!
  3. Every woman knows the feeling of going to the gym for the first time in a while feeling gross about your body but leave feeling like your body already looks better! You know it’s all in your head and no body else sees a difference but you feel better about yourself!  This is fitness improving self-confidence about your body.  Your self-confidence is boosted through exercise when you believe in your ability and strengths, reach your goals and are empowered by your progress and accomplishments, giving you a positive outlook not only on yourself but your life!
  4. Last but not least, exercise can better your sex life!  YES LADIES, I SAID BETTER YOUR SEX LIFE!!!  With a boost in your self-confidence, you now feel sexier which means a boost in your sex life! Studies have shown that being active means having better sexual performance, having sex more often, and slower sexual aging.  For the guys, exercise is proven to lower erectile dysfunction so don’t forget to bring your significant other on your nightly jog! 


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