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Take a hike- an easy and free way to exercise!

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If you're bored with your workout routine or your summer schedule has thrown you for

a loop but still want a toned physique... grab a friend and TAKE A HIKE! Whether you are

living in St. Louis or elsewhere, this is a flexible and free way to get gorgeous gams while

enjoying the outdoors. Hiking for just one hour burns over 400 calories. Add in steeper hills,

hand or wrist weights, or trekking poles to torch more calories and tone more muscles.

If you get bored with the same hike... change it up! Try sprinting up hills, walking lunges on

flats, and walking up hills backwards. Not only will this diversify your workout, it will increase

your fitness!  

Here's my favorite hiking attire from Dimvaloo!

Mia Excel Tank/Bra Combo
Max Run Short
LJ Running Sock


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