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I've been thinking a lot about diets lately.  Name a diet and I've most likely tried it...low carb, paleo, juicing...the list goes on.  What I've noticed from my leg work in the encompassing world of dieting is that everyone's bodies react differently to certain types of foods or lack therof.  Personally, limiting myself to just one type diet is not logical or particularly healthy for me.  I always feel like something is missing in my nutrition when I focus on what I "can't" eat and completely deprive my body from certain nutrients.  I need some carbs, I need some sugars, I need some fats -- "some" being the key word there.  I truly believe that everything in moderation is the most effective way for me to watch my waistline.  While I try my darnedest to maintain a clean eating lifestyle, a dark chocolate chip cookie (or 3) every now and then won't kill me.  While sorting through my thoughts on dieting I stumbled upon this article from our lovely friends over at MNB. I particularly enjoyed this one because it encourages you to find your own personal way to nourish your body.  For me, my body responds best to a combination of non-dairy and clean eating.  Find what works for you and stick to it for the healthiest version of your body...but save me a cookie during those cheat meals!


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