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Improve Your Life While Improving Others

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Creve Coeur Ultimate Cycling is known for providing awesome spinning classes but its also known for providing fun ways to give back. Ultimate Cycling not only improves lives through cycling but they also has set out to help those effected with arthritis. The company has close ties with arthritis and wanted to do something to give back so they set up events for beginner or seasoned cyclist to improve their health while improving the health of others.

Get started on August 2nd at 11 am with a personal fitness evaluation! This is perfect for anyone trying to get back into cycling or if you are just starting it for the first time! This 30 minute test will give you an idea of your current fitness.The personal evaluation is $10 per rider, what a great deal!

Ultimate Cycling will have several charity rides for Arthritis Foundation. They will hold a beginner/refresher class on August 9th at 1:00 pm . August 23 at 1:00 pm you can attend a 60 minute interval class. On September 13 1:00 finish off all your training with either a duathon, 10 mile run, or 1 mile run! It will be the perfect day to test how far you have come! Cycling also provides a great exercise for those with arthritis because its a low impact sport!

Each class is $10 per rider and the best part is all proceeds go to The Arthritis Foundation! So get on your Dimavloo Excel Tanks and hot pants and Cycle for a great cause! For more information visit their website!

And to sign up for these amazing events you can call Stuart Cohen at 314 317-0050

Ultimate Cycling is located at

12370 Olive Blvd,
Creve Coeur, MO 63141

So again the dates are

August 2nd at 11 am- Personal Evaluation

August 9th at 1 pm- Beginner/Refresher Class

August 23 at 1 pm - 60 Minute Interval Class

September 13 at 1pm- Duathon, 10 Mile Run, or 1 Mile Run



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