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"Never Regret Anthing, Especially Dessert"

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Its 8:00 at night and you were so good all day, but then the chocolate craving hits you.  Put down the chocolate bar because in Lorna Janes new cookbook, Nourish, she gives healthy dessert recipes that are super yummy like the chocolate, banana and almond yogurt pops. This super easy recipe that will satisfy any chocolate craving!



- 1 cup unsweetend greek yogurt

- 2 tablespoons natural almond butter

- 1 tablespoon pure maple syrup

- 2 tablespoon cacao powder

- 1 banana sliced thinly

6 easy steps!

step 1- combine half the yogurt, almond butter and ha;f the maple syrup in a small bowl

step 2 - combine the remaining yogurt with the remaining maple syrup and sifted cacao powder in another bowl

step 3 - using the tip on your fingers carefully press banana sliced on the insides of 6 x 1/4 cup ice block molds

step 4 - layer almond mixtures and cacao mixture into molds, alternating each layer. Push in sticks

step 5- freeze for 3 hours

step 6- enjoy!!




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