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Thrilling Tights- Terrific for a Trapeze

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Recently a few of the staff from Dimvaloo had the opportunity to channel our inner acrobatic, circus-loving selves when we were to invited by Julie Funke to come play on her latest workout apparatus- The Trapeze!  Yes, the trapeze!  Who would of thought?  But as St. Louis' first spinning instructor, as well as my yogi idol and guru it is no surprise that Julie Funke is embracing the trapeze.   We of course couldn't resist the invite or the opportunity to hang out with Julie while putting our fun trapeze-loving tights to the test. We  loved the experience and how our tights performed.  Thank you Julie Funke for leading us to be the acrobats we aspire to be! 

Be sure to check out our website for these and many more fun tights as well as St. Louis Spinning where you will find the best of the best- Julie Funke teaching a group in spinning, yoga, fitball, and many other class types


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