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What is "Core Stability"?

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The gym can be an intimidating place. Do I have to be a Hulkamaniac to venture over to the free weights? How long has that woman been running on the treadmill? What is that weird pinkish water everyone is drinking? Seriously, is she STILL running?! Instead of faking an emergency phone call and sneaking out, try conquering the gym with confidence! Everyone knows when you look good, you feel good. And Lorna Jane Core Stability clothing is designed for just that!

So, what is Core Stability you ask? For starters, it flatters your figure, provides support and makes you look fantastic while exercising! The clothes that incorporate Core Stability do this by utilizing the advantages of Shapewear technology. This line of tanks, tights and tops flatten and smooth trouble areas like your tummy and thighs. The compression material also keeps the clothing in place so you’re not tugging and pulling on your top the entire way through Yoga.

Next time you exercise try out the Lorna Jane Core Stability line! When you know you look great you can focus on the workout!



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