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5 Smart Snacks To Eat Post-Workout!

Posted on December 23 2014

So you have just worked up a serious sweat, whether that is pounding the pavement, lifting some heavy weights, conquering a marathon, whatever energy-expending move you choose.

So, what’s next?

Well, now would be the ideal time to replenish and refuel your body so it can get the recovery and repairing it needs.

It may seem a little counter intuitive to eat right after you have worked your butt off! But in actual fact, eating post-workout is the best time to eat!


Because for one, your body needs to begin to repair and restore energy stores in your muscles that you worked up through your workout, as well as build and repair your muscles that were broken down as a result of you pushing them to their limits.

So now we understand the importance of nourishing post workout, now the million-dollar question is…

What do I eat?

After a workout it is ample to get adequate protein combined with a carbohydrate to really help assist the rest and recovery process.

We asked our very own Lorna Jane Clarkson how she refuels post workout. Keep on reading her for her five smart snacks to eat post-workout!


This powerful protein-carbs-fat trio is a great choice for replenishing post workout. It contains all the nourishing ingredients your body requires to repair itself, plus it is delicious and filling. 


After a big workout, your body lacks amino acids (help build lean muscle). So, it’s important to refuel with adequate protein to build them up. Yoghurt contains amino acids and a bunch of protein to help give your body what it needs after a big workout session. Add some berries for some extra carbohydrates and fiber.


After a workout, you want the dynamic duo of protein and carbs to work their magic and repair your muscles. A protein shake made from whey protein, 1-2 cups of water/coconut water, and half a banana is a great choice, since your body quickly turns it into energy. Tip: Add in a scoop of spirulina or a handful of baby spinach leaves for some extra nourishment.


Tuna is packed full of protein, so it a great option post workout. Try jazz up ordinary tuna with fruit and veggies to make it more interesting. I like to spread mine over a piece of rye toast for super tasty snack.


Hummus is a super easy to prepare dip/spread made of chickpeas blended with garlic, olive oil, and tahini (sesame paste). Chickpeas are a rich source of both carbohydrates and protein. Pair it with some a rice cake, or some veggie sticks, and you have got yourself a great post workout snack.

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