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The MNB Cookbook Coming Soon to Dimvaloo!

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Do you know that feeling of butterflies and bubbles you get when you’ve got that overpoweringly exciting news, but you are waiting for the right time to reveal it to the world? Well… we’ve been waiting with baited breath to tell you that we’ve been up to our taste buds in delicious recipes and hard at work carefully curating clean culinary eats for a brand spanking new Move Nourish Believe Clean And Simple Eating cookbook – a recipe guide that is overflowing with 50+ recipes and nourishing know-how for the active girl on the go!

 We are outrageously passionate about nourishing our bodies with clean and simple eating (holy cacao, there’s nothing we love more!) We want to get one thing straight though – healthy eating is so much more than counting calories or limiting certain macronutrients. It’s about doing what’s best for your body – day in, day out and all year round. It’s about ditching the diets and making the commitment to start nourishing with nutrient-dense foods every single day, and that’s where clean eating comes in! It’s a deceptively simple concept and no doubt gaining traction on the blogosphere and celebrity dieting. But rather than cutting out food groups and limiting calories, clean eating is more about being mindful of the pathway your food has taken to get to your plate. Is it highly processed? Does it have a laundry list of chemicals and preservatives to make it taste like it isn’t void of nutrients? What will this food do to my body?

“With 50+ Recipes, Nourishing advice and tips from the MNB Team, there truly is no better way to kickstart the New Year!”

You are what you repeatedly do, and good health really stems from a lifetime of sensible choices, something that fad diets don’t support. That is the beauty of clean eating – it provides great life-giving principles, however, still leaves enough room for you to ultimately design and enjoy your own favourite meals with food that you love, so it’s sustainable for an entire lifetime.We’re not chasing perfection here, but who wouldn’t want to be a fitter, stronger and healthier version of themselves?  Ditch diets… for good!


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