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Third Annual Fat Loss Challenge- Guest Blogger Jacque Albus

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It’s time for the 3rd Annual Fat Loss Challenge at TONE Athletic Performance & Professional Fitness. Every year we find new ways to challenge everyone to be their healthiest, fittest and leanest! 

We intentionally do not start this challenge until February, because it is NOT a New Year’s resolution. It is a challenge to kick start your healthy lifestyle habits that you will carry forward all year and beyond.

It is a 60-day challenge, kicking off January 31st with a nutrition seminar at TONE at 10am, followed by individual BioSignature body fat testing. We use body fat as our measure of success rather than pounds for a couple reasons. First, when you train and eat healthy, pounds lost may not be indicative of success in changing your body composition. You can lose fat while gaining muscle and show little no progress on the scale. But if you are losing fat and gaining muscle, you will see a difference when you test your body fat. Second, people often get discouraged when watching the scale every day. I think we can all agree that how you look and feel is more important than how much you weigh.

The BioSignature method of body fat testing is extremely cool, as many of my clients can attest. We measure body fat at 12 different sites on your body with calipers. Each site tested correlates to a different hormonal profile (such as insulin, cortisol, estrogen). So, not only do we learn your body fat percentage, we learn what your top priorities are, and how you can specifically adjust your nutrition based on which hormonal profile is indicated for you.

We test body fat at the beginning of the challenge and then again after 60 days. During the 60 days, I will be sending out additional training and nutrition advice and information to keep you on track and making positive changes. Winners will be determined based on highest percentage of initial body fat lost.

 If you want to participate in the challenge, just email Jacque at to sign up for testing. The cost is $55 per person.

 Get ready to optimize your health and look amazing while doing it!

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