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#SetupSunday Full-body Workout

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There are still a few weeks before the official start of summer. If you haven't gotten fully into your workout routine yet, now would be the time to start! We all want to look good in our swimsuits, and a full-body workout is the fastest way to accomplish that in the smallest amount of time. Follow these tips from The Nest, and you'll be in your best shape in no time! Start today. Go!


Weekly Exercise Schedule for a Full-Body Workout

For ladies looking to develop a weekly exercise schedule for full-body workouts, first consider your goals. One long-term goal might be to improve overall health and wellness, which could be considered a maintenance plan. Another more short-term goal would be to lose weight, which could require more frequent workouts and special attention to cardiovascular exercise and nutrition. However, no matter what your goal, the workout should be structured such that you get a challenging workout in the safest manner possible and in a reasonable amount of time.

Largest to Smallest

A full-body workout means you will hit each of your major muscle groups in a short amount of time, aiming to complete the entire workout in less than 60 minutes. According to “Xtreme Lean” author Steve Holman, training longer than that increases production of the stress hormone cortisol, which may negate the positive effects of your workout. To get the most out of your workout, train your muscle groups from largest to smallest. For example, do legs, back and chest first, and then move on to the smaller muscle groups like shoulders, arms and calves. Larger muscle groups are far more challenging and create a fat-burning stimulus that carries on through the entire workout. If you wear yourself out doing arm curls first, you will have nothing left in the tank for training the larger muscles of the legs.

Exercise Selection

While any exercise is better than nothing, some types of training movements create a much better fat-burning stimulus than others. According to “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” author Tom Venuto, you should focus your efforts on the compound movements such as leg presses or squats, bench presses and pullups. These multi-joint exercises target the greatest number of muscle fibers, giving you more results out of less effort. That being said, movements like barbell squats and bench presses are not right for everyone. Many women are intimidated by the barbells and reluctant to learn the exercises. You can always replace them with the dumbbell or machine equivalent. Using dumbbells or machines can provide an element of safety if you do not have a personal trainer or workout buddy to spot you. here to read the full article



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