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#ThursdayShare - Fit: What Does It Really Look Like?

Posted on June 03 2015

You've heard us use the motto "Get fit, stay fit, be fit". But what does "fit" really look like?

Jeannine Trimboli, CEO of real [FIT] life, has a great take on what a truly "fit" lifestyle looks like:

What does “FIT” look like?

I recently took a trek up to Saratoga on a Friday evening, with some of my girlfriends.

While hanging out at a popular local bar, I was approached by a guy who recognized me from this blog. He introduced himself and proceeded to tell me that I “look much better in person”.


I am really hoping that is not how he intended for his words to come out. I did have a good laugh over it. (Okay, I’m still laughing)

But the comment got me thinking. Again.
What does “fit” look like?


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