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#SetupSunday First the pantry detox, then the pantry restock

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For our #ThursdayShare this week, we shared some tips for giving your pantry a good detox. Now that it's cleaned out, you have room to stock it with these items suggested by local food fitness motivator Monica Koch of Klean&Lean. Here are some of Monica's favorites to keep on hand:

Top 10 pantry must haves

What’s in Monica’s pantry?

If you opened my pantry doors right now you’d think I was supplying food for a frat party. In my own defense, we just hosted a gathering and decided to house the left-over contributions. Not in my own defense, I kept them instead of throwing them out, rationalizing that we’re having another party in a few weeks and can stock the Cool Ranch Doritos and mini Snickers until then. It’s a little game I like to play called ‘Who Will Survive?’ With my husband hosting a poker game next week, my money’s on us.

Not our girl Monica. Open her pantry and you can almost hear the food screaming “I’m healthy!” Here’s what she’s got going on:

Level 1 Protein Powder

What it is: The highest grade protein powder on the market. Go here for a detailed explanation of what’s in it. In short, it’s a flavored protein powder packed with nutrients.

Where you can find it: Online here.

Why Monica loves it:  Monica says ‘It sustains me like no other. I also use it to make cupcakes, waffles, pancakes, porridge, protein bread, and popsicles. My girls love it as well.’ 

Phylum husk flakes

What it is: Non-flavored flakes filled with fiber. They have been said to reduce appetite and cleanse the digestive system. To give you an idea of the amount of fiber, 100 grams of phylum husk has 71 grams of fiber, while oat bran has 5.

 Where you can find it: Whole Foods and other health food stores

Why Monica loves it: Use these flakes to add to shakes or baking for added fiber.

Olive oil spray

What it is: Olive oil in an aerosol spray can

Where you can find it: Any grocery store

Why Monica loves it: Use a few puffs of olive oil spray in place of regular olive oil. You’ll use exactly how much you want and get less calories and fat to boot. here to read the rest of this article





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