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#FoodieFriday Fast Food Eating CAN Be Healthy Eating

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When you're trying to eat healthy, McDonald's is probably the last place you think about going. While it is definitely better to prepare your own food, sometimes it's just not practical. Travel, family obligations, and lack of time can make even the most conscientious eaters turn to fast food. Luckily, Mud Run Guide has some suggestions for those times when food on-the-go is just unavoidable. 

1. Chipotle: Chipotle is my “go to” for relatively healthy fast food. To maximize the healthiness of your meal you should be ordering the following: a bowl with brown rice (low glycemic carb), black beans (not prepared in pig fat like the pinto beans, also makes a complete protein with brown rice), chicken (low saturated fat protein, double if you are looking to build muscle), lettuce (roughage), mild salsa (tomatoes for a healthy fruit/vegetable) and guacamole (healthy fat). Things to avoid are the beef, other cuts of meat, burrito wrap, sour cream and cheese, all due to their high saturated fat content. The white rice and corn are both high glycemic and will spike your blood sugar like sugar causing fat gain, unless you are eating Chipotle immediately after a workout.

2. Smoothie King: If you have ever heard my opinion on smoothies before, you may notice this is the opposite of what I have said in the past. Most smoothies are loaded with sugar resulting in fat gain if you have not just finished exercising. To ensure you have a healthy smoothie, look for something with peanut butter, whole fruit (which contains fiber), almond milk and protein. This covers your protein, carbohydrate and healthy fat. The trick is to replace the fruit juice with water. Fruit juice is loaded with sugar and is what makes the smoothie poor for weight management. Feel free to skip any non-sense “add ins” that cost extra like fat burner mix, Acai or whatever the new hot weight management product of the month is. I personally like the Nutty Super Grain Vegan Smoothie (despite not being Vegan) but asking for water instead of apple juice mixed into the drink.

3. Starbucks: Reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich and iced black coffee with cinnamon. Reduced fat Turkey bacon will provide minimal saturated fat (2g), with 13g of relatively clean protein (egg white and turkey bacon) along with 28g of lower glycemic carbs (whole grain bun). If you want a drink, try iced black coffee with cinnamon. The caffeine helps speed up metabolism and the cinnamon helps reduce the insulin spike that is associated with consuming carbohydrates. Almost all of the flavored drinks are loaded with sugar, 30g and up. here to read the rest of this article


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