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5 Reasons to Join the Movement on September 27th

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1) SWAG!

Who doesn't love a good gift bag, especially when the tickets are FREE. We've reached out to our WDW instructors, and friends and family of Dimvaloo to see what kind of goodies we could come up with this year. Here's a hint - You'll be a part of the sisterhood, and when Monica has you sweat'n - we're there for you!


The whole reason we have Active Nation Day!!!! MOVE - live your best active life, come work out with Monica, founder of Klean&Lean. She will push you, make you sweat and take you outside your comfort zone. Erin Stack from Pure Hot Yoga will move you through an active yoga flow afterward! You can stay for the second workout, or just pick one of the two. 


One word: FIT-FLAVORS  (thank goodness for the hyphen, otherwise it'd be two)


The Active Living Bracelet is a symbol of our belief in an Active future! EMPOWER and INSPIRE women to live their best active lives. Bring your friends, share in your active experiences. Join the Movement, be a part of the sisterhood!


Create your Active Nation Day Promise and show it for the world to see! Have some fun with the Believe Board, inspire others with your active morning! Oh annnnnnndddd ST.LOUIS MAGAZINE will be by - so make sure to show up early at registration (8:00am!!!!)

"On this day I promise to... MAKE YOU WORK... Because....I CARE" - MONICA KOCH, Founder of Klean&Lean


Want to create your own Active Nation Day Promise? -> CLICK HERE

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