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Small Business Saturday -Fit Flavors

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November is right around the corner, and its a great month to shop local! We asked small business owners why its important to #ShopLocal and here is Fit Flavors Owner Jillian Tedesco

1. Why do you believe in local?

  • a. Answer: It's supporting our local community which in turn supports the economy in our own town. Supporting small local businesses helps with employment opportunities and can create culture.

2. When did your dream become a reality, how long have you been in

  • a. Answer: When we opened our fir‐flavors storefront. Having ppl be able to work in and get the service of what we provide is so fulling cause i know we are helping ppl and providing a resource with healthy meals to go. I have been in business privately for 6 years and publicly with a storefront for 2. We have 2 store fronts now and opening our 3rd this December.

3. How did you get started, what's your story?

  • a. Answer: Started as a personal trainer passionate about health and wellness. Began to cook for my clients who didn't have time to eat right. I was delivering a solution. I decided to enlist in culinary school where I became a certified chef and went on to open several locations in STL where you can purchase my food on the go.

4. What's your favorite thing that you're involved with ‐ in the
community: fundraisers, donations, events, organizations.etc?

  • a. Answer: SSM Cardinal Glennon: We do a lot with this hospital in helping raise money for the childern by donating and being involved with several events. STL Foodbank : we donate 100's of meals every month to the hungry.

5. What do you love most about STL?

  • a. Answer: Not the weather! Lol! The baseball and restaurants 


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