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Why Local Stl- STL Style

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Randy Vine's take on Why Local Stl

1. Why do you believe in local?

  • a. Answer: Our entire business is inspired by and depends on St. Louis. We are the embodiment of local independent business, and we are unapologetically committed to celebrating the distinctive flavor of our city and giving people a stylish, accessible way to represent their civic pride.
2. When did your dream become a reality, how long have you been in business?
  • a. Answer: We officially started STL-Style in 2001 purely as a moonlighting hobby. After several years, it was clear that our appeal was growing, and in 2008 we were featured in the Sunday edition of the New York Times. From that point on, our beloved sideline hobby was transformed almost overnight into a much more serious venture. We opened our Cherokee Street store in 2010 and never looked back.
3. How did you get started, what’s your story?
  • a. Answer: Ever since we were little kids growing up in the suburbs, we were kind of obsessed with St. Louis City. We were enamored by its grit, soul and history, and throughout high school we took every opportunity to explore its urban neighborhoods. After college, we realized that there were no cool t-shirts that reflected St. Louis the way we saw it, so we decided to do it ourselves. Fast forward almost 14 years later, and here we are!
4. What’s your favorite thing that you’re involved with - in the community: fundraisers, donations, events, organizations…etc?
  • a. Answer: We are passionate historic preservationists and board members of Landmarks Association of St. Louis. Also heavily involved with all things Cherokee Street, and we sponsor and/or participate in various eventsthroughout the year. It's very important for us to walk the walk instead advocating for the city from a distance. We immerse ourselves in civic life in St. Louis on all levels.
5. What do you love most about STL?
  • a. Answer: St. Louis is, in many ways, the ultimate creative city. It's a place that may not appeal to everyone, but those who get it are deeply involved and dedicated to making it a better, more vibrant city. St. Louis has all the bones of a great city, having been one of the leading urban centers in the nation for most of American history, so there's always a high standard to aspire to, yet there is a low barrier to entry here, and almost every contribution can be noticed. We've got the architecture, culture, history and urban fabric to compete with the best of them. This is a city of makers, and those who need to have their stimulation spoonfed to them are long gone or on their way out. St. Louis is not a city of followers. Those of us here building businesses are the ones who want to be here and we're energized by the challenge of building something greater. There's a spirit of togetherness here that is palpable and undeniable. They don't build cities this cool anymore.


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