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Day 23- 5 Habits Fit Women Live By

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Usually the word "habit" can have a negative connotation and with the new year being about breaking habits, Lorna Jane found 5 positive habits you should make in the new year!

1. Always have a goal or strategy

Setting yourself a measurable goal is one thing, but if you don’t outline a plan or strategy, how do you expect to achieve it?

2. Never make excuses

Some days the thought of vetoing a workout for a night on the couch is tempting, but fit women don’t give themselves an ou

3. Don't rely on others for motivation

At the end of the day, you are entirely up to you.

4.Live without guilt

We all know that kale is good for our health, but chocolate… chocolate is good for the soul.

5. Dress the part

Fit women know that there’s no better way to feel like a workout warrior than with a killer outfit.





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