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Sore After a Workout? Keep Moving!

Sore After a Workout? Keep Moving!
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Our resident fitness guru for the month of April, Renah Jones, shared some clutch tips with us yesterday at Wine Down Wednesday... So good we thought it would be a crime not to pass on these knowledge bombs.  Here they are, you can thank us later ;) 

Do not be a bum! Although it feels like you will absolutely collapse if you attempt movement.. DO IT.  Keep yourself moving and active.  Will it suck for a while? absolutely.  But trust the master herself, it works and it will be worth it.  After a tough workout, when it hurts to stand up, sit down or do anything, really:

  • ¡Drink mas agua!  Water will help to flush out that lactic acid that's built up in your muscles and causing you the torturous pain you're going through.  So get that ish outta there! The more you drink the more opportunity you're giving your body to eliminate the excess lactic acid and to get ya feelin' aaaaaalright. 
  • Take a hike! aka: go for a walk.  If you cant muster up another work out on day two, walk it out.  This goes back to staying active the day after, but a long walk, in particular, will get those muscles warmed up and healing themselves in no time! 

Follow Renah's advice to recover after a bomb workout sesh and you'll be feeling ship-shape in no time! Thanks, Renah!!




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