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#MatchingMonday - This is what You have been waiting for

Posted on November 04 2013


You know the girl wearing the cutest outfit at the gym today? The one that just sticks in your head, and has you wondering where she got that outfit, or how she put such cute pieces together? I know, I want to be her too. Here's the perfect outfit.

Tights - It's all in the details! A charcoal gray, dark enough not to show sweat - yet not so dark that it becomes another black. What I love, is the Laser Cut details that show off a Neon Sherbert. The tights are high rise, with Core Stability. That means shape wear. Australian "spanks". I usually wear an XS, but I was a Small.

Bra - No top this time! The bra is too cute. It has the additional Laser Cut, showcasing Neon Sherbert. Like with all of our bras, great support, removable padding and adjustable straps!

Jacket - Of course it's Neon Sherbert, this is Matching Monday. The pocket is off to the side, and I'd call it more of an essential holder (cell phone, pocket, key). It's a great weight and made of the LJ Excel Fabric! Moisture wicking, ANTI - PILLING (my fav), Quick Drying..... the list goes on.

Like with all of our clothes, we want you to be unique. There are very limited sizes in these styles. Come in soon or order online before it's too late!

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