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7 day clean eating challenge

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It may not be summer anymore but that doesn't mean we should stop trying to look good and make ourselves happy. Winter is here and that means more clothes and less energy to get into the gym, but make this winter different! Start your new year off early and kick butt in the gym and kitchen. The girls at Dimvaloo decided to share a wonderful 7 day clean eating challenge that we found will help you stay on track. The holidays are approaching fast and this gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your amazing bod to friends and family who haven't seen you in a while! Take a look and let us know what you think.



So, you want to eat clean. You’ve got the will, you’ve got the want, and all your nourishing ingredients are ready to go…but your scratching your head wondering, “Where do i start?”. Not to worry girl because we’ve got you covered. If you are embarking on our Lorna Jane 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge we have created a guide, featuring a star line-up of super nourishing recipes to get you amped & ready to eat clean & train mean! Be prepared to print these recipes out, and clock in some serious time in the kitchen. Eating clean has never been so delicious and easy!



Breakfast: Go green with The green energy booster smoothie
Lunch: Pack in some protein with this Mediterranean Frittata 
Dinner: Tonight try Thai Salmon Patties for the Meatless Monday approach
Snacks: Raw Almonds & Apple pieces w Almond Butter 


Energybooster copy


Breakfast: Start your morning right with this super healthy Energy Oats  recipe
Lunch: For a simple and easy recipe, The superfood salad recipe will work wonders
Dinner: Try the Chicken Kebabs with some leftover Superfood salad
Snacks: Boiled eggs & raw nuts of your choice




Breakfast: Replenish your body with some protein and have some leftover Mediterranean Frittata 
Lunch: Have your leftover Thai Salmon Patties with a big batch of vegies
Dinner: The Coconut & Carrot soup [hot or cold]
Snacks: Tahini Balls & a green smoothie



Breakfast: It’s time for a pick-me-up Energy Oats 
Lunch: The Coconut & Carrot soup & The superfood salad
Dinner: Stuffed Capsicums for a high protein, low carb meal
Snacks: Tahini Balls & Veggie sticks w Hummus



Breakfast: Crumbled Granola bar with Natural Yoghurt + Berries
Lunch: Be super clean with Nori Egg Sushi Rolls for lunch
Dinner: Cook up some sweet potato, greens & Quick Steamed Fish 
Snacks: Tahini Balls & Apple w Almond Butter 



Breakfast: Blend up the The green energy booster smoothie for a super start to the weekend
Lunch: Seasoned turkey mince stirred through a salad or veggies
Dinner:  Take these Chicken Kebabs to a friends BBQ
Snacks:  Veggie sticks w Hummus & natural yoghurt and berries



Breakfast: Have your Energy Oats  with a big glass of warm water & lemon
Lunch: Quick Steamed Fish with your pick of these super salads
Dinner:  Invite your friends over and show them how to make these Nori Egg Sushi Rolls
Snacks:  Veggie sticks w Hummus & natural yoghurt and berries

_D8A2242Remember this is just a guide. Eating healthy and clean knows no bounds. Use these ideas as inspiration and incorporate them into your daily nourishing ritual. Remember, the main thing with eating right is to eat smart. Constantly be fuelling your body with proteins, good fats and carbs so you can have the energy to live your life active.

Visit our nourishing forums for more recipe inspiration & don’t forget to introduce yourself and share some of your clean eating recipes with your fellow sporty sisters!!


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