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Dimvaloo Launches New Activewear Line - Article by Ladue News

Dimvaloo Launches New Activewear Line - Article by Ladue News
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By Mary Mack, December 19,2019 in Ladue News 

Most area residents will forever remember 2019 as the summer of Stanley – the NHL Stanley Cup, that is – when Blues apparel suddenly became acceptable to wear almost everywhere. This trend led to the creation by Dimvaloo Activewear of a pair of eye-catching, ice-blue leggings that evoked the area’s favorite hockey team.

Locally made for the ultimate local victory, the leggings sold out, and they were soon seen all over the area as it collectively celebrated the cup.

Those leggings constitute just one of many festive pairs from Dimvaloo, all of which feature bright, bold patterns and fabrics of the highest quality.

“We really felt like there was a need for fun, festive leggings that are premium quality in terms of fit and fabrics,” says Kate Duryea, owner of the Dimvaloo line. “There are similar things in the market of fast fashion, but the quality of the fabrics is just not what our customer is looking for. We wanted to be the quality fit for those fun leggings.”

Duryea and her staff know a thing or two about trendy activewear. She launched Dimvaloo, an active living boutique, in Ladue in 2012, serving as an arbiter of athleisure at a time when the now mainstay market had just opened. Duryea first brought Australian premium clothing brand Lorna Jane to the Midwest and soon made way for brands like Stella McCartney and DYI. The boutique now offers dozens of different covetable lines that Duryea and her team have carefully curated for their devoted clients.

Her clients, in fact, inspired Duryea to throw her own hat into the ring.

“We were like, ‘How hard could it be to make a pair of pants? Everyone wears pants – it can’t be that hard.’ It’s actually extremely difficult,” she says with a laugh.

That was back in 2015, after which came three years of refining the fit and style, sourcing fabrics, working with in-demand activewear fit consultants and going through the manufacturing process – first overseas, then back in the U.S. to better control quality. The main theme in Duryea’s years of work on Dimvaloo has been never settling for a fit less than the absolute best.

“We have a very awesome customer, in that they don’t accept anything less than the best, and so we have to meet that demand,” Duryea says. “We couldn’t just make things and put them on the floor and hope they sell. We really had to focus on the fit and quality of the fabrics and the wear of it.”

Duryea introduced her first collection in early 2018. Since then, she’s seasonally released the butter-soft tights in such fun patterns as confetti, polka-dot leaves, Halloween cobwebs and the popular hockey-inspired pair (which got a revamp this fall). Right now, she’s finalizing a collection focused around cancer awareness that ties into the multicolored awareness ribbons, while partnering with an organization to give back and make a difference.

Looking ahead, Duryea plans to continue to expand and refine Dimvaloo leggings, as well as introduce new collections – like her Urban Organic Collection, which launches this holiday season – always with fit and quality at the forefront of each pair.

“It’s really gratifying and humbling, using failure after failure to build something that you can be proud of,” Duryea says. “It’s even more gratifying when your customers tell other people about them and just love them because you hope they like it, since you’re making it for them.”


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