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#MatchingMonday - Slowly Waking Up + Yoga

Posted on April 10 2017

We've all been there-- it's the start to another crazy {hopefully fun} week.  It's a Monday.

While getting ready and moving about (insert frantically get coffee machine started, here), you start to think about you'r yoga routine.  Today you have a nice slow flow to start the week and stretch your muscles from all the weekend play!

This is a typical Monday morning for so many of us and there's no need to put on anything but comfy, soft, athleisure at this point.  

If your doing a slow flow, stretching, or headed to a Barre class, we have the perfect #MatchingMonday outfit for you.  Even if you're headed to a HIIT or CrossFit workout, you can use these pieces to go to-and-from your workout--They are looser-fitting and will layer right over you'r sports bra for a quick transition.

OR...Wear it as a simple dress for those hot summer mornings----->

We love these transitional pieces that are comfy, cozy, get your week started wear!


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Soleil Cardigan
Siren Tight
Easy Livin' Dress


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