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The Benefits of Having a Glass of Wine a Day

The Benefits of Having a Glass of Wine a Day
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That's right... there are benefits... and we are going to talk about them! National Wine Day is a real thing and its tomorrow!! 

From the research we have read, red wine is the best as far as health benefits go. A glass a day, in moderation, offers several health benefits. 

1. Rich in antioxidants 

Red wine has more antioxidants than white wine, making it more beneficial to drink red in this case. Antioxidants, as their true definition, are compounds that hinder oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals, leading to chain reactions that may cause damage and hurt the cells of organisms. So basically, with more antioxidants, there is a lesser chance of risk of disease.

2. Helps fight inflammation

Inflammation is harmful to our bodies and is thought, not proven, to cause heart problems, some autoimmune disorders, and even some kinds of cancers. Wine holds special properties that have been studied with inflammatory markers that show it may hold special keys to bringing down inflammation, again when consumed moderately. 

3. Heart Health 

Some studies have shown that the regular red wine drinkers that they have tracked have had reduced rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. 

4. Gut Health 

Red wine contains enzymes that may cause healthy gut bacteria growth that we need in order to break down foods and other bacterias during digestion. 

All of these things, PLUS wine-colored workout gear, you'll be set for success! We just received a whole new shipment of DYI with some of the cutest wine-colored pieces. LIke wine high shine tights! 

There ya have it, ladies! Red wine... National wine day... Wine colored workout gear... what a time to be alive! 



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