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#Youarestrongerthanyouthink - About PYRMAL Fitness

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Feeling burnt out by your gym routine?

Stuck on the dreadmill?

Break out of your workout rut and break through your fitness plateau T O D A Y. 

Realistic & Balanced, PRYMAL fitness is not the next trendy workout craze.


It's fitness for real people with a functional approach.

Hansen encourages clients to take small steps to fitness by enjoying movement and developing a lifelong healthy lifestyle. 

Hansen's program consists of a 3 phases & 16 weeks


Phase 1: Prep.  

  • Improve your mobility and flexibility
  • Develop full range of motion
  • Lay groundwork for performing exercises safely
  • Bodyweight, fat-burning exercises

Phase 2 Build.

  • Gain lean muscle mass
  • Cardio and strength involved movements

Phase 3 Peak.

  • Break through plateaus
  • "Muscle Cardio" to burn fat and make gains


Ryan Hansen's Fitness Journey

Ryan fell in love with fitness and health when he was 14 years old and have been obsessed with it every since. He graduated from a top business school in New York City and left a corporate job to pursue his passion for fitness.

Since then,  Ryan was named a 1st Phorm athlete. Ryan is a personal trainer and the owner of an on online fitness program called 


Read Ryan's lifestyle fitness articles:

Change your workout to change your mindset!

Give the gift of fitness to yourself this month with workouts crafted by Ryan Hansen.

Join us at Dimvaloo for Wine Down Wednesdays with PRYMAL fitness!

Try out a complimentary class Wednesdays at 6pm!



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