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Meet our May #WDW Instructor Kim Gunter!

Meet our May #WDW Instructor Kim Gunter!
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 We can't wait for this little powerhouse to kick our butts every Wednesday in May... Here's why:

Kim Gunter is a AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer with a true passion for everything fitness.   While captain of her cheer team in high school, Kim realized her love for group leading and teaching.  Her energetic and fun personality makes her instruction a super exciting and rewarding experience.  Kim has been through a lot that brought her to the impressive level she is on now.  Suffering a head injury in 2010, Kim has had to work harder than the average girl to overcome the difficulties that resulted from her accident and live a fulfilling active life.  She is resilient, however, and showed everyone that the mental and physical obstacles she faced were no match for her strong, bad a** mindset.  Now, Kim channels the strength she used to overcome her injury to inspire and motivate others to get past anything that stands in the way from a healthy and happy life.

Kim has a long list of qualifications and certifications including her Personal Training Certification, Group Fitness Certification and even an Aqua Fitness Certification!

This month at Dimvaloo's Wine Down Wednesday classes, Kim will be showing off her skills in HIIT instruction - High Intensity Interval Training.  She'll be utilizing techniques including Tabata, strength training and cardio conditioning to tone our tushes! Kim is super passionate about HIIT and it definitely shows in her classes.  We cannot wait to work out with this little fire cracker! Hope to see you there!

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