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A look into the Life Of Elle @ Yoga Six - #WineDownWednesday

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I was super obsessed with India when I was little, and so naturally something that became very interesting to me as I got a bit older was yoga.  "The first couple times I took an actual yoga class in a studio, I was so bored that I actually once faked a coughing fit, left the room (and my rental mat) and went to the gym next door to take a step aerobics class.

"When I took my first Vinyasa class though - that's when I fell in love."  Later that night, actually, I got on the phone with my friend who had taught the class and demanded more information on how to become a teacher myself.  That was in the fall of 2007, and I was graduated from my first teacher training in March of 2008.  I binged on teacher trainings and workshops for the next couple years, immediately finding a job at a yoga studio in Boulder, Colorado.  I eventually became buyer/merchandiser at that studio and then later the associate studio director. 

I was inspired by the beauty that I felt in a Vinyasa class.  In high school, I was an Irish Dancer.  I won at competitions in Colorado and really enjoyed it, but my movement was pretty restricted in the traditional Irish style of closed-hip, no upper body movement.  Finally connecting with the entirety of my body made me feel fluid and expressive in a way I had not experienced before.  What I didn't know was that the most influential part of yoga would come later, as I learned about philosophy, mantra (chanting) and the spiritual side of things.  The school of thought I come from is that everyone comes to their mat as they are, and takes away from their practice whatever they choose to take away.  There are no right or wrong answers - your practice on the mat reflects life off the mat, and whatever you choose to interpret is perfect.  I study under the lineage of the Rajanaka Tantra, which essentially says Life is not a problem to be solved - it is a gift to be fully savored, in all of its flavors.  And that's pretty alright by me.

I left my job in Colorado in 2010 and moved to St. Louis in later 2011.  I was taking time off of teaching, waiting for just the right studio to inspire me to step back on the mat.  I had mixed experiences at a number of studios in St. Louis, but I was having a hard time finding a place that I felt like was a fit.  I met Rebekka Mars at a workshop I was attending my first week here in STL, and she happened to have taken one of my classes in Boulder a couple years previous.  We became friends and the next spring she told me about a new studio opening up that she thought would be my cup of tea.  When I finally made it in to Yoga Six for class, I left in tears, so happy to have finally felt like I had found a studio that felt like home. 

What makes Yoga Six different is the commitment we have to continuing to grow as teachers through taking on feedback.  I'm the lead teacher there, which means I support all of the teachers in the continual evolution of teaching, challenging them (and myself) to grow, expand our styles and teach classes that inspire our students.  The space is beautiful and clean (many students say it's like doing yoga at a spa) and our teachers are truly committed to doing the work of yoga off the mat so they can teach stronger classes on the mat.

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