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Before you skip that next High Intensity Workout...

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There's so many reasons to love a relaxing workout - you've had a busy day, perhaps it's the end of the night, you're sleepy and all you can think about is how tired your body feels. You resort to your normal calm and serene Yoga routine and kick any thought of an exercise that seems like "too much" in that moment. But what you may have not known, is that by opting out of a high intensity workout, you could have actually had a quicker more effective workout for your time and tiredness. 

Women's Health has compiled 7 Reasons HIIT is one of the best exercises. We've went through and picked a few of our favorite reasons HIIT makes for the perfect workout - especially on short time. 

1. Many people have the notion that in order to get a strength-training session and a sweaty cardio sesh, you'll be putting in a solid hour or two at the gym every day. That's just not true. With interval training your pushing your body really hard for a certain amount of time, allowing yourself to reap the benefits of both muscle-strengthening and cardiovascular health. Still want to add Yoga into your workout while also getting HIIT in? You can read more about the benefits of combining these two workouts in less than 20 minutes by former football player, Todd McCullough at MindBodyGreen. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. 

Heather Rapp, Rock Hill Title Boxing Club

2. One of our favorite things we love about HIIT, is that interval training can happen anywhere, anytime. Most HIIT exercises can be done without a gym or equipment, making it the perfect workout for busy people on-the-go. In fact, here's 8 HIIT workouts you can do in 30 seconds. We know all about taking the workout out of the gym, we hold weekly workouts right here in the store every month! Find new ways to move your body and get active and next time, take HIIT with you to ensure an effective, high-calorie burning exercise. 

3. Unlike a traditional exercise, such as running long distance, HIIT pushes your body to the max - meaning you're body is using more oxygen and breathing heavier. This causes your metabolism to wake up and stay alert for longer periods of time meaning you're burning more calories long after your workout. Heather Rapp, trainer at Rock Hill Title Boxing Club, says, "HIIT training produces a greater energy burn both during the workout and after having been shown to increase fat utilization and metabolic burn for several hours after the work out is over." 

4. You're never expected to perform at the same level as say, someone who's been training through HIIT for years. The only person you're competing with, is yourself and no one else. Every exercise has modifications, and it's important to listen to your body. Never do anything you know your body isn't ready for, yet, always push yourself to do something you weren't able to do the last time. 

...If you already love these few reasons HIIT is the perfect option for your next workout, you can read the full list of interval training health benefits at Womens Health

We believe in trying new things and believing in yourself. It's worth it to spend the time you take doing the same things over and over again, to try something new. Living your best active life means getting outside your comfort zone, trusting yourself and believing that you can. Here at Dimvaloo, active living is an infinite journey. Embrace the journey. 

This past month in November, we partnered with Rock Hill Title Boxing Club to bring you a HIIT Cardio Kickboxing class for WDW. We quickly found that it was on the most fun ways to workout, ever! One of the trainers that came in for our Wine Down Wednesday, Heather Rapp, explains the intimidation of taking a new class, saying,

"Trying new classes is always a little intimidating. As a trainer I hate stepping into a new environment and putting myself at risk of looking like I have no idea what I am doing. I used to lift and box/kickbox... Period. Over the past two years I have been pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and set foot in other gyms and attempted other varieties of workouts from OCR, a ninja warrior gym, rock climbing, stand up paddle boarding, cross fit, and yoga. I felt unsure every time I stepped in the door that first time, but it was always well worth it. At some point you just need to grab a friend to laugh at you, and tell you to get over it."

Fun is just an added benefit though of both Kickboxing and Cardio Boxing, as it's actually one of the best ways to get a HIIT workout in. Ben Hart, professional boxer and co-founder of online training site, Qinetic, tells TeenVogue, "Boxing tones your arms, shoulders, legs, core, and abs (AKA it's a full-body workout). If done intensely and with good enough rest, it will shape your body up fast and help you burn calories all day long." 


If you've read this blog and still aren't sure if a high-intensity workout is for you, perhaps getting out to take a new HIIT class is the next step! Stop by and try a class with Rock Hill Title Boxing Club - their schedule is posted online. 


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