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January Wine Down Wednesday - Natali Kummer

January Wine Down Wednesday - Natali Kummer
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Ready to tackle your health goals this 2018? 

Looking for a new fitness-inspired hobby? 

We've got you covered.

This WDW, we are bringing in Crossfit coach Natalie Kummer!


Natali Kummer is the Head Coach at Crossfit Valley Park -- one of two Reebok Recognized facilities in the state of Missouri. Natali is dedicated to getting people in great shape & improving their lifestyle. From fitness to nutrition, she will keep you motivated and hustling toward a better you.

Natali is a certified L1 Crossfit trainer and precision nutrition coach. Her creative workouts exude her passion for teaching others. Natali is constantly expanding her own fitness knowledge which shines through in her coaching style. Her favorite thing about Crossfit is its scalability to all fitness levels.

A few of Natali's favorite Crossfit exercises include power cleans and, for some odd reason, toe-to-bars. She rightly despises thrusters. We’re less sure about why she hates Jello.

Outside of Crossfit, she enjoys yoga, running, good food, music, and travel. She claims to be a closet Martha Stewart! Paleo cupcakes, anyone?

Social Media:

Instagram | nkummer AND crossfitvalleypark
Facebook | CrossfitValleyPark

Wine Down Wednesday Events w/ Natali:


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