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September Wine Down Wednesday

September Wine Down Wednesday
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Wine Down Wednesday


Christine Kick | @acrounicorn

Creator/Host: Yoga Home Retreat


A little about your instructor:

Christine Kick became certified and started teaching yoga in 2012, and added her AcroYoga certification in 2015. Christine received her acro certification through AcroYoga International ( and Acro Revolution (
In 2007, Christine went to music school in Nashville, and ended up moving to Chicago for an internship which was where she first began practicing yoga in 2009.
In 2010, she discovered AcroYoga, and thus began her love of the two. Inspired by the artistic side of yoga/acro, Christine loves practicing AcroYoga as a form of self-expression and as a way to connect with other people who like to play.
When she moved back to STL in 2014, there were essentially no AcroYoga teachers and no acro classes. She would go to open gyms, connecting with others in hopes she could bring in her love and expertise in Acro until she was able to develop the awareness of acroyoga and the practice.
She now teaches yoga (and once per month, AcroYoga) at Yoga Six and is the leasing director for their yoga teacher training program.
 "I will fly anyone anywhere anytime if they ask!"
- Christine

Save the Dates:

September 6th
September 13th
September 20th
September 27th

Join Christine at the launch of Yoga Home, get your tickets here:


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