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Stretch Liquid Wash 16oz

Stretch Liquid Wash 16oz
Stretch Liquid Wash 16oz

Designer: STRETCH


Whether you run, bike, swim, do yoga or are running errands, STRETCH keeps your activewear smelling fresh. This wash is uniquely designed to remove workout funk from your athleisure wear, while maintaining the life and elasticity of your clothes. 

Most detergents don't rinse completely from clothing fibers, eventually breaking down the stretch and elasticity of your clothes. STRETCH rinses completely out, while removing perspiration, body oils, soil and chlorine from your clothes. Gentle enough for all fabrics, but ideal for your swim and activewear.

  • Made from organic ingredients, STRETCH is hypoallergenic, phosphate and dye free, low sudsing and biodegradable.
  • HE (High Efficiency) washer safe
  • Patented odor eliminator
  • Prolongs the life and stretch in your clothes

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