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Active Nation Day

A free event hosted by Dimvaloo to help inspire people to live their best active life! 

Join one or all 4 workouts, visit the MNB Marketplace on Sunday, August 26th at Creve Coeur Park

Travis Brown of Orange Theory Ladue, Steph of StephZ Cardio Dance, Amy Lescher of Tru Fusion, Kim Wallis of Pilates4Pros

friends who've attended past years

We found out from StephZ, she talked it up so much we had to check it out! It was amazing, so much energy and fun, we can't wait till the next one.

Kate, AND 2016

Literally the best event to motivate you to be active! I came with the husband and ended up working with each instructor! Bring a sweat towel

Corinne, AND 2016 & 2015

Dimvaloo has cool local workout places come and instructors teach for free! It's so much fun, I've stayed the entire day!

Meghan, AND 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

New Location this year - Creve Coeur Park, Tremayne Shelter -  13725 Marine Ave, St. Louis, MO 63146

Sunday, August 26th
7:30 am - Registration

7:45 am - MNB Marketplace Opens
8:00 am - Bootcamp with Travis Brown
9:00am - Cardio Dance with StephZ
10:00am - Down 'n Dirty Bootcamp with Amy Lescher
11:00am - Functional Pilates with Kim Wallis 

1:00pm - MNB Marketplace closes 

Inspire to live your best active life! Come for a workout, or just the marketplace. Stay all day or just an hour. Meet people who have dedicated their lives to helping you live your best active life. Meet even more people who are there to get motivated! Bring a friend, tell your friends... let's do this!

Meet with locals who have dedicated their lives and their livelihood to helping inspire people to live their best active life!

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