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Brittany Hill - Founder of Back Trap Yoga and Outreach Director for YogaBuzz

Brittany L. Hill (B) is the creator and artist of Back Trap Yoga, St. Louis’ first trap yoga experience- a high energy, sweat glistening, beat banging yoga event that guides you to peace in an unexpected place. Brittany is a trained yoga (RYT 200), barre instructor, and dancer. 

Feeling her best and maximizing the life experience is what motivates her to live her best active life. She’s always had a passion for movement, starting with a love of dance second only to music early on. She began her fitness instruction journey in 2014 when she began teaching barre classes. With a teaching style that is vibrant and full of enthusiasm, Brittany creates sonically driven practices, centering her classes around musical energy. 

Classes are designed to meet everyone where they are with the desire to guide them to a connection with their breath, themselves and others. Brittany also manages the outreach initiative for Yoga Buzz, building protocol and programming to create and strengthen yoga engagement within the community.  Her greatest joy in teaching is helping new yogis who never thought they’d enjoy the practice of yoga, find it and fall in love. 

Find Brittany on Instagram: @itsbrittanylhill

Follow Her Yoga Adventures: @backtrapyoga