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Travis started his fitness journey over 6 years ago and never looked back. Travis is a certified trainer, strength and conditioning coach and an olympic weightlifting coach. An avid crossfitter, rugby player and kickboxer he understands the importance of taking care of the mind, body and soul. Travis works as a head coach for OrangeTheory Ladue, coaches the kids classes at Crossfit St. Louis and works as a personal trainer at Fit City gym in Lafayette Square. He has worked with athletes all shapes and sizes from powerlifters, professional mma fighters to the St. Louis Women’s Rowing Team. He lives in the gym and is constantly learning to improve not just his own overall wellness but also for his clients and members. Travis’ motto is “Don’t just seize the day attack it!” No matter what part of St. Louis you are in more than likely you will hear his booming voice as he “pushes” another select group of individuals! Travis Can be found at OrangeTheory Fitness Ladue, Crossfit St. Louis, Finney’s MMA and Fit City. The name of his personal training company is called Valkyrie Fitness as he is looking to turn ordinary people into life warriors everyday! 

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Instagram: @nyquill

Twitter: @TravisNyquill

Facebook: @Nyquil45

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