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Key Holder Position at Dimvaloo

Key Holder



Locally owned and operated, opened in 2013 in St. Louis carries a variety of bright and bold activewear curated for people to live their best active lives. 

A Day in the Life of a Dimvaloo Key Holder

Engagement with the customer is key, we value customer experience and service

Social Engagement is a big part of our day, Foodie Friday or Matching Monday are written in house, Instagram and Facebook are as well. 

Visualization of the store and it's look and feel are ways we express our creativity and style. 

Store Opening and Closing responsibilities for this position.


Curated Focus, Dimvaloo is seeking individuals that excel in:

Personally responsible, self-starter

Excellent communication skills

2 years previous work experience. 


TO APPLY - Send resume to:

Include a brief description of why you believe you'd be a good fit!