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Monica Koch of klean&lean

Monica Koch Active Nation Day Instructor

What motivates Monica to live her best active life?

Since i was a little girl i’ve always been happiest when my body is in motion, it’s
my happy pill. over the years iv’e met my very best friends through fitness, i love
connecting and sweating… there’s nothing better! having my classes filled with
strong supportive women brings me joy. I am motivated by helping clients see
what i see in them and lifting them up.

How did She get started?

30 years ago i taught my first aerobics class in a thong at the ymca and i’ve
never looked back. i love my job more now than ever. it’s truly my passion.

What do you enjoy most about instructing?

i’m blessed to have the hottest hardest working bada** moms in STL who trust
me with their fitness and food. my mind is all over the pace and so are my
classes. i’m constantly developing fresh movements that create the long&lean
tone we all desire. i am constantly challenging clients and myself to push past our
self induced limitations and leave it all on my studio floor. i change bodies by
changing minds.

What to expect when you come to class?

my classes are fast paced, with no time to overthink movements. it’s
rejuvenating to focus on NOTHING except what i’m SHOWING you. no time to
think about what errands you have to run or your grocery list. that will all be there
waiting for you when you leave. think of my class as YOUR playdate. no makeup
necessary, come as you are and be prepared to sweat.
you can get all the details about my classes and food coaching at my website,
facebook: kleanandlean
insta: kleanandlean1

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