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Stephanie Zitzer of StephZ Cardio Dance

Stephanie Zitzer Active Nation Day Instructor

I am a former dancer and enjoy sharing my passion for dance fitness with everyone!  I got my start teaching traditional Zumba, which was amazing!!   That quickly led me down a more creative path and I started to choreograph dances to current popular top 40 music.  It was like BAM!  The change was so well received I created StephZ Cardio Dance.  If you like Zumba you will LOVE Cardio Dance!!!:) 

The thing I most enjoy about leading my class is seeing the smiles that happen instantaneously when we start moving, and the pure joy that dancing creates.  Watching my choreography come to life is so fulfilling.  The hour flies by so quickly, we are dripping with sweat,  and after all the booty shaking fun we all leave exhilarated! 

My Cardio Dance class is filled with top 40 hits and is continually evolving as I love to pull popular songs to keep my classes fun and current! My class is multigenerational women from 20-80 all enjoy it! 

Teaching dance fitness is a fueled passion for me. Helping women not only transform their bodies but also their minds is such a rewarding experience!  Not only do we burn 100's of calories, but we mentally let go and just have fun!! After the first song the room is transformed into smiles from ear to ear and the energy is electric!  The most rewarding things I hear from my students.. that I make them happier healthy people, better mothers, wives, and friends. 

What to Expect if you come to my class:

Expect to feel like you are NOT exercising

Expect sweaty booty shaking fun, Expect to smile

Expect to burn 100s of calories

Expect to feel disappointed when it’s over, you'll want more!

For more information or questions email

SATURDAY’S  Convergence Dance & Body Center                 9:00am

 MONDAY’S     Dimensions Dance Center (starting 9/12/16)    9:30am

 TUES, FRI      Wellbridge Athletic Club        (Must be a member to take classes)

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