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  • Lux and Nyx - Zoe Bag
  • Lux and Nyx - Zoe Bag
  • Lux and Nyx - Zoe Bag

Lux and Nyx - Zoe Bag


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Support a local Kickstrater and Pre Order now! Shipping May 2018

Lux and Nyx launching in May, read above for more information!

Foreword from Founder:  I quit my decade long corporate career, because I wanted to build a company that makes quality functional products, and at the same time make our world a better place.  I believe luxury products are not exclusive of being eco, ethical, or making a social impact through education. So I set out to create a company that creates couture handbags with function.  Personally scrutinizing over 40 manufacturers later... I present to you Lux & Nyx (pronounced 'Lucks and Nix').  Our company is launching via Kickstarter on April 17th and the first educational related project is with Love to Langa, a 501(c) non-for-profit to build a school in South Africa.  This is the halfway point in my #52WeekStartup, my documented 1 year startup journey since I left the corporate world.  http://https// .  Check out the current state of our website.  

Thank you so much for being a part of this.  

Our Mission:

As a mission for our company, we hope to inspire women to passionately pursue life with quality and function, to discover their authentic selves and in turn enabling more meaningful relationships with the world.

What We Do:

We do this through providing our high quality artisanal handbags with function.


We know you love quality and quality is definitely in the details. Our handbags are made from a family owned manufacturer with the lead artisans each having over 20 years of experience in their field. I personally shadowed the manufacturer for two weeks, and picked out all the material that goes into each bag made.


The Function we provide for you is to enable you to be more productive so you can spend more time on things that matter to you. Our material is easy to maintain, we offer products that are versatile, and we even help you make a social impact in the world while you are already busy being productive.  

+We are a total social impact company, which to us that means being responsible to our customers, responsible to the eco-system as being ethical and eco considerate, building economy around us with jobs, as well as making an impact through supporting educational related projects for our future generations. Our first project is with Love to Langa, a 501(c) non for profit that contributes 100% of the donations to build the education community for the kids around the Langa Township, South Africa. We are looking at a year long mission to build a Montessori school there.



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